Morgan State QB picture now includes three options

A week after two quarterbacks played in Morgan State's season-opening 28-12 loss to Army, the Bears added a third passer in last Saturday's 33-14 loss to Robert Morris.

Redshirt freshman Moses Skillon outplayed starter Robert Council and backup Seth Higgins, but coach Donald Hill-Eley said arranging for an open competition between the three this week prior to Saturday's game at Liberty is not what he has in mind.


"It's kind of late to have an open competition," Hill-Eley said during a conference call Tuesday organized by the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. "I think what we'll do is, as we continue to break down the tape, we'll take the best two that give us a chance to move the team, and we'll continue to work them this week in practice and do a little bit more film study and everything else, and from those two, I think we'll compete for who plays. We've been rotating two guys anyway. So if we can get two out of three or one out of the three, we'll be good with that."

Council, a redshirt junior, got the start against the Colonials (1-1) after completing 4 of 7 passes for 89 yards against the Black Knights on Aug. 30, including two touchdowns (one rushing). But against Robert Morris, he completed 4 of 6 passes for 22 yards, an interception, a fumble and two sacks.

Junior Seth Higgins (Edgewood), who started against Army, replaced Council in the second quarter, but he did not connect on any of his four throws and was sacked twice.

Skillon played the entire second half, completing 9 of 18 passes for 207 yards and two touchdowns.

"Moses is a guy that has been here, redshirted," Hill-Eley said. "We figured we would put him in just to get some kind of rhythm because the other two weren't really clicking, weren't really motivating the guys around them. At that position, you've got to have guys that make other people feed off them and play. Council had two early turnovers and never really got out of that slump. Seth came in and missed a couple throws.

"We still figured we still had a chance and that if we got a spark at that position, we could get things going. By the time we got to Moses, he went out in his first series and was a true freshman. He had a couple miscues, but as he settled down, he was the best that we had in the pocket and delivered the ball and got guys going. But by that time, it was too late in the game."

As Morgan State looks to avoid its first 0-3 start since Hill-Eley took over the program in 2002, the coach said he is not leaning one way or another (or another) in terms of his starting quarterback against the Flames (1-1).

"As we continue to move forward, it's one of those ones where you make your assessment through the week," he said. "Quite naturally, [based on] the end of the game, we'll start [Skillon] off in practice and see how he's handling everything. We have to eventually get to the point where we settle down on one or the other. Now he's in the equation. So as we continue to evaluate them going into the Liberty game, the top one will be able to play."