Navy, bound for Big East football in 2015, will wait to review 'all the moving parts'

Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk said that Navy, which is scheduled to move into the Big East in 2015 for football only, is continually “reviewing all the moving parts” and will figure out where its football program will land once the other schools decide where they are going.

“We have the latitude to evaluate the bigger picture for the next couple of years,”  Gladchuk said Thursday. “This is a obviously a new development. We’re not in a position where we’re panicking. Eventually the dust will settle, what that means I don’t know. When it does, Navy will take a real hard look at what’s left standing.”

Gladchuk admits that his initial interest in joining the Big East was to “emphasize stability” but that has changed. “Right now the whole equation is a moving target,” he said. "[Big East commissioner] Mike Aresco is doing what’s best and humanly possible to settle things down.”

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