Mt. Washington Tavern was a haven for lacrosse lovers

A deeply set, perhaps genetically coded loss should be felt today by all Baltimore-area lacrosse players, even those under the drinking age. The Mt. Washington Tavern as we know it is no longer with us, destroyed in a roaring overnight fire.

For over 30 years, the Tavern was the meet and greet host for Baltimore lacrosse, be it pre-game, post-game or off season. Of particular fancy was the night before Thanksgiving, commonly thought of as reunion night, when the college crowd reestablished connections. If you are part of a lacrosse family, you should ask your parents if they met at the Tavern. Too many did.

Hoping to capitalize on the roll-down-the-hill crowd from Friday and Saturday night under the lights Mt. Washington Lacrosse Club games, Teddy Bauer and Billy Shriver created the Mt. Washington Tavern in 1979 by renovating Sparwasser’s, a German style neighborhood tavern in the Newbury Street basin of Mt. Washington.

Taking an unexceptional two-story structure that featured a shuffleboard table, sawdust floor droppings, round the world bar and second floor owners’ residence, the two banished the low brow German ethos and replaced it with a neo-colonial yet stylish bar and restaurant, retaining only the shuffle board table.

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