What should Ohio State do about Jim Tressel?

Launch him at once

George Diaz

Orlando Sentinel

A better question would be: "Why hasn't Ohio State fired Jim Tressel yet?" Ohio State should have bounced him a long time ago. He is a liar and a fraud (just read his self-serving book, "The Winners Manual: For the Game of Life." How about a sequel: "The Losers Manual: For the Game of Hypocrisy."

Ohio State shouldn't dawdle another day, but it's no surprise that administrators keep coddling Tressel. The university first suspended Tressel for two games, until Tressel "asked" the school to raise it to five games, all for practical, political purposes no doubt. Why not make it a permanent suspension?

If anything, think of this as self-serving preservation. Throw Tressel's bones to the NCAA, and maybe the NCCA police will be kinder when Judgment Day comes. It's no longer about beating Michigan. The objective is to survive with as little damage as possible. Ohio State can start by ditching The Vest.


Fess up, keep job

Teddy Greenstein

Chicago Tribune

The Jim Tressel question comes down to this: Should one monumental screwup end his reign?

I'd be willing to give The Vest a second chance if he'd finally fess up about why he lied to the NCAA and failed to inform superiors that some players had traded their reputations for tattoos.

It wasn't that he was "scared" about an investigation involving the FBI. Tressel hid the truth because he didn't want his players suspended and thought he could get away with it.

Ohio State, though, will have to pull the plug if the NCAA treats the school as a repeat offender and decides to take away scholarships, TV time and victories from 2010. That stain will be too strong for Tressel to blot out.


1-year suspension

Chris Dufresne

Los Angeles Times

Ohio State blew its chance to do "something" about Jim Tressel when it staged a dog-and-pony news conference in March after the initial charges came out and fawned all over him. Remember? President Gordon Gee said he was lucky Tressel didn't fire him.

Ohio State should have come down hard on Tressel then instead of suspending him only two games, only later accepting Tressel's offer to accept the same five-game suspension his players received for the 2011 season. AD Gene Smith gushed about Tressel in March but now says he can't comment on the NCAA indictment against his coach and his school.

Ohio State lost all credibility on the Tattoo-Gate issue and now it's up to the NCAA to clean up the mess by suspending Tressel at least one year and mandating Ohio State vacate its 2010 victories. The leaders lost their chance to lead, and Ohio State's only choice is to follow the NCAA to the Aug. 12 hearing in Indianapolis.


Firing the right call

Bill Kline

The Morning Call

Good thing for Jim Tressel that he always beats Michigan, that he has won his last two BCS bowl games and that his program brings in $70 million annually. Otherwise, by now Ohio State would have slit his throat and left the room before he even started to bleed.

But there will be blood on that famous sweater vest. How much? He should be fired. He's had issues in the past (see Maurice Clarett and see Youngstown State). And now, he has lied to the NCAA. Ohio State should teach its 53,000 students that character matters. Instead, it merely will extend Tressel's existing suspension to an entire year.

Meanwhile, just in case the NCAA insists that Tressel go away forever, the Buckeyes will be stashing some of that football cash for a certain Ohio native by the name of Urban Meyer.


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