Chris Dufresne's Top 25

We're on cruise control this week, with no changes in the top 13 even though Oregon, TCU and Auburn all had to serve detention for falling asleep in class. There never has been an easier week to have Boise State at No. 1 after the Broncos played Friday night lights out against Idaho. USC, our preseason No. 20, used a big win at Arizona to move up six spots to 19, while Texas A&M makes its debut just in time to host one-loss Nebraska. Utah, like Wile E. Coyote, walked off a cliff, stood there for a second with a dumbfounded look, then dropped like an Acme anvil ... poof.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Boise State 9-0 (1): QB Kellen Moore uses fourth quarters to work on New York Times crossword puzzles.

2. Oregon 10-0 (2): America's fastest team made a beeline out of Berkeley back to Eugene.

3. TCU 11-0 (3): Whacked Utah so hard, the Utes were muddy puddy in Notre Dame's hands.

4. Auburn 11-0 (4): New reality show starring the Newtons: "$$$$$$ My Dad Says."

5. Stanford 9-1 (5): Google-founder grads eradicate Cal from search engine this week.

6. LSU 9-1 (6): Only Nebraska (2001) gets a title-game shot without winning its division.

7. Alabama 8-2 (7): Take it easy on Georgia State, boys, they're new at this football thing.

8. Wisconsin 9-1 (8): OK, but you fell 56 short of scoring 83 against San Jose State.

9. Ohio State 9-1 (9): Big Ten could have really used a title game this year.

10. Michigan State 9-1 (10): Needing Michigan's help all part of the BCS' messed-up menagerie.

11. Arkansas 8-2 (11): Please beat LSU so its fans quit yapping about deserving a BCS title bid.

12. Nebraska 9-1 (12): Aspirations did not involve meeting five-loss Big East team in Fiesta Bowl.

13. Oklahoma State 9-1 (13): Picked by media to finish fifth in Big 12 South, one spot north of Baylor.

14. Virginia Tech 8-2 (16): Voted best team in America since Sept. 12 by Boise State Monthly.

15. Nevada 9-1 (17): Will shoot potato out of that cannon every time it scores against Boise State.

16. South Carolina 7-3 (22): Nice work not overlooking Florida before big game with Troy.

17. Missouri 8-2 (20): There's nothing like playing at Iowa State … when you have no choice.

18. Oklahoma 8-2 (21): Trails only Cal in home-vs.-road, can't-figure-them-out index.

19. USC 7-3 (25): Archeologists think they've unearthed Trojans' last win in Oregon.

20. Arizona 7-3 (14): Refuses bet with Utah on which team makes Rose Bowl first.

21. Iowa 7-3 (15): "Welcome to our home, Buckeyes … please make yourselves uncomfortable."

22. Mississippi State 7-3 (19): Newton's dad now insists he asked for 180,000 cowbells.

23. Texas A&M 7-3 (NR): Recently sent Texas a touching, get-well soon (in 2053) card.

24. Miami 7-3 (NR): Back in the poll only until Central Florida gets its groove back.

25. Northwestern 7-3 (NR): Wrigley Field game vs. Illinois features two teams with warning-track power.

Dropped out: Utah (18), Central Fla. (23), Florida (24).

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