College football: Chris Dufresne's Top 25 rankings

We're looking at a potential national title game-changer weekend if Boise State holds off Oregon State and Arkansas upsets everybody else's No. 1, Alabama, in Fayetteville. We were waiting for the Iowa game to make a call on Arizona, and its victory in Tucson sent the Wildcats from unranked to lucky No. 13. Surprising Temple (3-0) is now one victory over JoePa State from crashing the poll gates.

1. Boise State 2-0 (1): Lee Corso steals blue wig from retirement home to wear on "GameDay" set.

2. Ohio State 3-0 (2): Brutus has not defeated an in-state opponent's mascot since 1921.

3. Texas Christian 3-0 (3): We choose to go to SMU not because it's easy … but because it's really easy.

4. Alabama 3-0 (4): Ventures into Bear Bryant's home state, Arkansas, to wrestle a wild hog.

5. Nebraska 3-0 (5): Please explain how Huskers' schedule is tougher than Boise State's?

6. Oregon 3-0 (6): So far, offense misses Jeremiah Masoli like a Duck misses a bicycle.

7. Texas 3-0 (8): Forgot the Alamo but remembers 66-3 home loss in 1997 to UCLA.

8. Oklahoma 3-0 (9): Sooners thank schedule gods for picking perfect year to play at Cincinnati.

9. Arkansas 3-0 (16): Hogs over Alabama would be biggest victory for state since Bill Clinton.

10. Utah 3-0 (12): Battle-weary San Jose State limps into Salt Lake led by a drummer boy.

11. South Carolina 3-0 (14): At Auburn this week is a sure sign the SEC season is getting serious.

12. Stanford 3-0 (15): Jim Harbaugh's deal against Wake Forest apparently was trying to score 70.

13. Arizona 3-0 (NR): Mike Stoops' sideline antics spark dance craze kids call "Froot Loops Stoops."

14. Iowa 2-1 (7): After loss to Arizona, fans turn attention to high school wrestling.

15. Florida 3-0 (11): Gator Spin Club reports 83.8 percent of Urban Meyer's players never have been arrested.

16. Wisconsin 3-0 (10): Home vs. Austin Peay tape-delayed on The Ohio Valley Network.

17. Miami 2-1 (13): At Pittsburgh (Thursday) was a better Monday night NFL game in 1970s.

18. Auburn 3-0 (17): No days off in the SEC, although sometimes you can cut out early on Fridays.

19. USC 3-0 (21): Asked why he keeps going for two, Lane Kiffin says "because we can't go for four."

20. Pittsburgh 2-1 (22): AD who scheduled Utah, Miami, Notre Dame should have to suit up.

21. Michigan 3-0 (19): Ohio jump-rope song: "Run, Run, Pass, Pass, you almost lost to UMass."

22. Penn State 2-1 (23): Temple hasn't defeated Lions in 70 years but comes to valley with better record.

23. Louisiana State 3-0 (24): To mix a metaphor, the quarterback needs to step up to the plate.

24. Oregon State 1-1 (NR): Corvallis birds circle new Boise "blue" practice field with extreme caution.

25. James Madison 2-0 (25): Believed in checks/balances to protect citizens from tyranny of the majority.

Dropped out: California (20), Houston (18).

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