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Chris Dufresne's Top 25

Jerry Lee Lewis wrote the bumper song for this week's poll: "Whole lot of shake-up going on." Or maybe it should have been "Hello, Dolley" with James Madison, fresh off its upset over Virginia Tech, checking in at No. 25. South Carolina, up 10 spots to No.14, suddenly looks like the team Alabama should fear most. Mike Stoops wants to know why Arizona isn't on the leaderboard, which won't be an issue Saturday if his Wildcats upset Iowa.

(Ranking last week)

1. Boise State 1-0 (1): Take-home essay: Why James Madison was worst U.S. president.

2. Ohio State 2-0 (2): At home this year more than Ozzie Nelson used to be.

3. Texas Christian 2-0 (4): Next game: Baylor. Next difficult game: Nov. 6 at Utah.

4. Alabama 2-0 (5): Tide's dead president defeat was three years ago vs. Louisiana (James) Monroe.

5. Nebraska 2-0 (3): At Washington sure looked like a sure victory two years ago.

6. Oregon 2-0 (6): Tennessee found out lightning can strike five or six times.

7. Iowa 2-0 (8): Kirk Ferentz pipes in lullabies at practice to get kids ready for Arizona crowd.

8. Texas 2-0 (7): Was going to put Young's "Heisman" next to controversial 2008 Big 12 title banner.

9. Oklahoma 2-0 (15): Snuck by Utah State; clobbered Florida State.

10. Wisconsin 2-0 (10): Struggle versus San Jose State drops Badgers in BBI (Bavarian Bratwurst Index).

11. Florida 2-0 (14): Chris Rainey's arrest gives coach bigger issues than sputtering offense.

12. Utah 2-0 (16): Watched tape of New Mexico then took a really long lunch break.

13. Miami 1-1 (9): Team returned home from Columbus thinking it's all about the Shoe.

14. South Carolina 2-0 (24): Steve Spurrier running the ball is like Chuck Yeager driving a tank.

15. Stanford 2-0 (19): Watched reruns of "Gunsmoked" on flight home after pistol-whipping UCLA.

16. Arkansas 2-0 (17): Hogs keep rising in polls but no one is really sure why.

17. Auburn 2-0 (18): "GameDay" truck must have run out of gas on way home from Alabama.

18. Houston 2-0 (20): QB Case Keenum (concussion) assured he won't see stars this week against UCLA.

19. Michigan 2-0 (NR): Denard "Shoelace" Robinson receives a nice note from Motown star "Smokey."

20. California 2-0 (NR): Colorado petitions Pac-10 to delay entry until Year 2525.

21. USC 2-0 (21): Lane Kiffin thinks one quality loss could turn whole season around.

22. Pittsburgh 1-1 (22): Currently embroiled in six-way tie for second in Big East.

23. Penn State 1-1 (25): Not true Bryant Museum curator asked Joe Paterno to be an exhibit.

24. Louisiana State 2-0 (NR): School finally files paper work and pays appropriate poll tax.

25. James Madison 2-0 (NR): "Father" of Constitution and "Uncle Fester" to Boise's title campaign.

Dropped out: Georgia Tech (11), Florida State (12), Virginia Tech (13), Oregon State (23).

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