College Basketball

Will Texas Tech's Gillispie save his job?

He has lost his team

Teddy Greenstein


Chicago Tribune

How could he? The school already acknowledged that Gillespie exceeded practice-time limits. Now his leading scorer says he does not want to play for him.


From a distance, Gillispie seems to be everything wrong with college sports. If it's true that he held an eight-hour practice and forced a player with a stress fracture in both legs to practice, the NCAA should ban him.

If the allegations are not true, Billy Clyde, then speak up. I've read the statements from those who defend you, and they are not convincing. What seems clear is that you've lost your team. And you should not be given the chance to get it back.

Allegations troubling

David Teel

Newport News

What is it with Texas Tech and coaches? First Bob Knight, then Mike Leach and now Billy Clyde Gillispie.

I don't know whether Gillispie violated NCAA practice limits and/or abused his players, but the detailed allegations and torrent of departures from the program are beyond troubling. His 1-17 Big 12 record last season heightens the tension.


Certainly, if there's a thread of truth to the charges, the school is obligated to terminate Gillispie immediately. Moreover, the NCAA should ban him from any college coaching. Parents entrust their children to coaches, and the best coaches are demanding and disciplined. Only the worst use their power to bully, intimidate and/or endanger.

He should walk away

Matt Murschel

Orlando Sentinel

Billy Gillispie should walk away from the Texas Tech situation, especially if the accusations of unfair treatment and abuse by former and current basketball players as well as former assistant coaches are true.


It's gotten so bad that the program has seen a massive amount of turnover in personnel and the team's leading scorer has said that he will not play for Gillispie if he returns to the team.

Texas Tech isn't a stranger to dealing with coaches under fire. The school dealt with a similar issue with former Red Raiders football coach Mike Leach in 2009. In that case, they eventually fired the popular coach.

A similar fate could await Gillispie.

A complete disaster

Chris Dufresne


Los Angeles Times

Billy Gillispie is a goner. It's only a matter of time. The embattled Texas Tech coach has taken sick leave to forestall the inevitable. They used to say you lost America when you lost Walter Cronkite. A basketball coach knows it's over when Dick Vitale turns on you.

Vitale recently tweeted: "Sounds like Texas Tech AD wiiill have NO CHOICE but to make a change at TEXAS TECH-bully tactics of Billy Gillispie will not MAKE IT TODAY!"

Unlike the Bob Knight experiment, the hiring of Gillispie was a complete disaster. Texas Tech's leading scorer said Monday he didn't want to play for Gillispie. When he's well enough, Gillispie should be asked to leave. Texas Tech needs to move on.