Jim Phelan's parting gifts

  • Travel certificate
  • Cash
  • Antique radio from radio station WTHU 1450 AM
  • Commemorative Stein from Barnes and Noble
  • T-shirt from Mount St Mary's student government and an invitation to sit with the "Mount Maniacs"
  • Letter of Recognition
  • Proclamation from Governor Bob Ehrlich as well as the declaration of March 1 being "Jim Phelan Day"
  • Flag from the U.S. Capitol - from Roscoe Bartlett
  • Congressional proclamation
  • Citation from Emmitsburg
  • Key to the city of Emmitsburg
  • Game Ball
  • 49 roses for wife, Dottie
  • The Northeast Conference is naming it's Coach of the Year Award after Phelan
  • The Northeast Conference commissioner is sending the last bow tie Phelan wore to the Basketball Hall of Fame
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