West Point will honor cavalry with specialty Army-Navy uniforms

Army’s uniforms for the 120th rendition of one of college football’s most storied rivalries have arrived.

Just hours after Navy unveiled its Under Armour uniforms for Dec. 14 showdown, Army West Point, in partnership with Nike, released a set designed to honor the historic 1st Cavalry Division and pay homage to the birth of air mobility during the Vietnam War.


“We honor the past by re-telling the story of the first team!” the official release read.

“A story of valor, courage, and sacrifice. Inspired, humbled, and motivated by the soldiers that came before us, we don their patches, adopt their mottos, and hold their deeds close to our hearts.”

This year’s matte green — or olive drab, depending on affiliation — helmet features the crossed sabers that adorn the famous Cavalry Stetson, or “Cav Hat.”

The sabers first appeared on an Army uniform in 1851 when they were adopted by the U.S. Army Dragoons.

On the chest, a “FIRST TEAM” name tape adorns each jersey opposite a second “ARMY” patch.

In another noteworthy nod to the past, the words “UNITED STATES” form a pant stripe in the exact font that was painted on Huey helicopters during the Vietnam War.

Additionally, the back of each helmet features unit insignia that honors one of the Division’s longstanding regiments — the 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th.

Last, but certainly not least, the iconic insignia of the 1st Cavalry Division is featured throughout.

“The big yellow patch does something to an individual that makes him a better soldier, a better team member, and a better American than he otherwise would have been,” Gen. Creighton Abrams said while serving as the commander of U.S. Forces in Vietnam.

The shoulder patch is most prominent, but fans will also notice the insignia on players’ cleats and gloves.

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