Super Bowl winner thinks Orioles ate better than Seahawks on Delta flight

It appears the Seattle Seahawks flew back from Washington on the same Delta plane that the Orioles took back after their American League Division Series sweep of the Tigers, and punter Jon Ryan took issue with the differences in the menus.

Well well well Delta I can't help but notice that the Orioles menu looked better than ours today. I'll remember this.

— Jon Ryan (@JonRyan9) October 7, 2014

Each featured a filet, a chicken dish and a few salads. The Orioles were offered a Salmon filet, while Seattle was served spinach ravioli. The Orioles also got turkey or bison burgers and breakfast options, which is probably where the advantage is.

If the Seahawks didn’t get a good breakfast in before leaving for their flight, that’s some pretty hardy food to have to stomach.

Me? I fly Southwest, so either would be fine.

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