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Steve Smith, Joe Flacco getting on same page with Starbucks bets

Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who is touring NFL training camp sites in a neat little RV with his MMQB crew, had an interesting nugget from Ravens camp in his column this morning.

Quarterback Joe Flacco and veteran receiver Steve Smith are working to get on the same page this camp, one $25 Starbucks gift card at a time.

Every time the two disagree on a defensive read, they go to the tape and determine who was right. I'll let King elaborate:

Case in point: Smith and Flacco viewed one adjusted Smith route differently, causing an errant throw; Smith said he was reading a Cover-2 alignment by the defense. Flacco said it was Cover-3. They went to the videotape. Flacco was right. They saw on video two corners covering the deep third of either side of the field, with the free safety dropping to cover the deep middle.

King said Flacco is up, two cards to one.

As veterans, both probably know that anything to break up the grind of training camp is a plus. I'm sure this does it for them.

It also means Smith isn't very brand loyal. He brought Dunkin Donuts as penance following a tiff during minicamp with cornerback Lardarius Webb.

Maybe Flacco is more of a Starbucks guy, or maybe, like me, he went to the Dunkin Donuts near the team facility once and it was so slow that he'll never do that again.

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