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Orioles' special-edition All-Star hat not that special

The MLB All-Star Game has typically featured players in normal game uniforms, but this year’s game will feature special-edition hats that are, sadly, anything but special for the Orioles.

MLB has never been ashamed of charging extra for a traditional hat with a patch on it. This year’s players will be given special-edition lids that honor the legacy of the host Twins for the July 15 game and, presumably, give fans a bit more bang for their $36.99.

For The Win first reported about the hats and has images of several of them, including the Orioles'. (MLB later tweeted out a photo of all the caps.) Instead of a full white front panel the team's hat traditionally features, this one has a triangular white panel patterned off the old Twins' batting helmets.

Fans of the some other MLB clubs might get a neat novelty item out of the event. There are even all-red and all-blue batting practice hats, increasing the chance of something interesting being available to each team. But for Orioles fans, it seems like this is nothing more than — wait for it — old hat.

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