United States-Portugal World Cup match sets viewership record in Baltimore, U.S.

Sunday’s United States vs. Portugal World Cup match was the most watched soccer match in American history, and it set a viewership record here in Baltimore as well.  

The Baltimore market had the eighth-highest rating in the country, with an 11.0 overnight rating, according to ESPN. Baltimore was one of 18 markets that set all-time records for soccer viewership.

Washington, D.C., led the way with a 13.3 rating, and is the overall leader through 32 matches with a 5.0 rating, ESPN announced Monday.

It’s all really a testament to the fact that every four years, America gets riled up about soccer. As we noted yesterday, Baltimore residents treated watching the game with the same sense of duty that the Greatest Generation had when enlisting to fight in World War II.

None of these numbers account for the thousands that watched at bars or parties—and I have heard that there were a lot of people out yesterday.

Here’s to the hope that some of these fans stick around after the World Cup is finished, but more pressingly, here’s hoping that bosses across the country are very forgiving on Thursday afternoon for the Germany match.



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