Roman Reigns gets his shot on Monday Night Raw

Almost from the day The Shield debuted in WWE, people have been waiting for Roman Reigns to break out for a single push. On Monday's Raw, that push may have begun.

Roman Reigns has always been what the WWE looks for in a potential star. He's billed at 6-foot-3, 265 pounds, ripped and has a real athletic background and the ability to be a true powerhouse. He has future WWE champion written all over him.

The most surprising thing about the entire Shield run might be that they kept them together and didn't stop to push Reigns sooner than they did. While he picked up many of the pins in tag matches, he had very few singles accomplishments under his belt. He had a great run in the Royal Rumble, breaking the record for most eliminations but ended up losing to Batista. On

Monday, he got his first big victory, winning a battle royal to enter the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Earlier in the night, The Authority had announced that two more wrestlers would earn spots in the ladder match, and one would be earned by winning a battle royal. The only people who wouldn't have a shot would be Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

Reigns, through a stunt involving vomit humor, managed to con his way into the match, which he went on to win. I said earlier that I expected the belt to go to someone who has held the title before, like Cena or Kane, but this storytelling really feels like it's building towards a Roman Reigns win, if not now then in the very near future. I had discounted the possibility before, mainly because I thought that they'd have him involved with Seth Rollins for a while longer. The fact that they're pulling Reigns out of a natural feud to put him in the ladder match makes that feeling that this is the push wrestling fans have been waiting for even stronger.

So, buckle up wrestling fans, because we might soon be seeing the Roman Reigns era begin.

The rest of RAW

** While Roman Reigns earned one spot in the ladder match, John Cena earned the other spot by beating Kane in a stretcher match. The match wasn't all that good, and it just furthered the “Super Cena” cries, as Cena got about three offensive moves on Kane the entire match. Granted, one of the spots was him throwing the stairs at Kane, like he did at Payback, which is always a cool spot to see. So, unless something changes, it looks like that ladder match competitors will be: Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt.

** Seth Rollins had another great match with Dolph Ziggler. When it looked like he was about to win, Dean Ambrose came out to attack Rollins. Ambrose challenged Rollins to a fight, but Triple H interrupted, putting Ambrose in a match with Bad News Barrett. Rollins got involved in that match, and the two brawled into the crowd while Barrett won by countout. It looks like the two will have a match at Money In The Bank.

** The Authority, in their opening segment, continued to run down Daniel Bryan, saying he's a B+ player. It's one thing to do that when he was in the ring, and proving him wrong. But to continue saying that while he's likely not to be in action for two more months is a bad idea. You can't make someone look like a chump for two months without negative consequences to his credibility.

** The Goldust/Cody Rhodes storyline continued in an incredibly surprising way. When Goldust brought out his partner, it was Cody, dressed sort of like Goldust, with the name Stardust. Basically, appearance-wise he was a combination of Goldust and Starman from the old Pro Wrestling video game for NES. The two, particularly “Stardust”, squashed Rybaxel. It's hard to say where they're going with this, but Stardust certainly has the wrestling world buzzing.

** Bray Wyatt did one of the best promos he's done yet. His promo finally gave him a purpose for being in the WWE, talking about power, and equating title belts with power. While his character has been great, without any ambition, or a reason to go after titles, he had no real reason to be in the company, and his character would have floundered. So this was a big step in the right direction. He had a hard-hitting match with Sheamus, that featured a lot of shenanigans from Rowan and Harper, which brought out the Usos. Sheamus won by DQ.

** Rusev squashed Heath Slater. Lawler mentioned that he was back to being the One Man Band again after Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were released.

** Adam Rose and Summer Rae beat Fandango and Layla. The guest host, Kevin Hart, was on commentary during this match, and he partied with Adam Rose after. This was a great way to use a guest host, instead of trying to force him into a main event storyline like they often do.

** Paige beat Cameron, as they continue to push Paige in the right direction, letting her aggressive side show more.

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