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Terrance West's NFL Draft Diary (May 7)

Editor's note: Towson junior running back Terrance West declared early for the NFL draft after setting school records with 4,584 career rushing yards and 86 touchdowns. The 5-foot-9, 223-pound Baltimore native is not enrolled at Towson this semester as he pursues the NFL and is sharing his draft experiences with Baltimore Sun reporter Aaron Wilson. This is the 11th in an occasional series leading up to the draft this week:

I’m just preparing and controlling everything I can control. I’m very excited. It’s been a long journey leading up to this one moment. I’m just waiting and staying patient.

The main thing I’ve been doing is staying in shape and catching passes, just concentrating on the basics of the game.

I’ve been working on my hand-eye coordination, catching tennis balls. I’ve got great hands and great eyes. I made that drill look easy. Some people have trouble with it, but it was easy for me. I’m being careful, not doing too much. I don’t want to risk any injury.

Everything has been normal for me. I’m feeling the same rhythm working out, just waiting on the moment. I can’t wait until it’s over.

It’s all up in the air. We’ll find out soon. We’ll see where I’m going.

The fact that the teams have showed so much interest in me, it gives you a little bit of sweat off your back. A lot of teams like me. There’s been a lot of calls from teams with pretty good programs. I’ve lost count of how many, but I get maybe like three calls a day. I’ve had calls from head coaches and GMs. They say they like my size and what I can bring to their team. They like everything about me as a total package.

This is going to be a nice moment this week when I get drafted. My mom’s taking it all in pretty good. We’re ready for this.

I appreciate this so much. I was selling shoes and taking the bus early in the morning just a couple years ago and now I’m going to the NFL. I’ve paid my dues.

I’m definitely ready for the draft process to be over and get back to football.

I appreciate everybody that has been supportive of me for my whole life.

Let’s get to it. Let’s get down to business. I promise that I will never become complacent.

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