Evolution gets some revenge on Monday Night Raw

After Sunday night's pay-per-view, I had speculated that maybe Evolution was going to disband, just as quickly as the group reunited. On Monday's Raw, they showed me how wrong I was.

To kick off the show -- and to get Dean Ambrose back for the loss Sunday night -- Triple H put him in a 20-man battle royal for his U.S. title, which he lost. If that wasn't enough, Triple H put the group in a match against the Wyatts in the main event.

The two stables had another solid match, though not quite up to par as some of their past encounters. At the end of the match, Evolution came out and distracted Roman Reigns long enough for Bray Wyatt to get the pin on Reigns. After the match, Evolution came down and laid waste to The Shield, including delivering a triple powerbomb to Reigns.

Clearly this is leading to a rematch at the next pay-per-view, Payback. It's a little surprising that they are doing it this way, with The Shield getting the win on Sunday, though it might have been due to the uncertainty around Batista. If reports are to be believed, it was unsure if Batista would even continue wrestling until Payback, and he might have left this week to start his movie promotion. So they might have done last night thinking that Batista wouldn't be around.

It will be interesting to see what they do with this upcoming match. If they are going to just have the match be 3 vs. 3 again, there's not a lot they could do. Obviously everyone wants a War Games match, but I don't see that happening, and supposedly no venue that the WWE is going to for a pay-per-view could hold that type of match until they get to Tampa for Battleground in July.

What I might suggest doing to change it up a little bit is have each of the members of The Shield face each of the members of Evolution in 1-on-1 matches. Seeing, for example, Reigns vs. Triple H, Ambrose vs. Batista and Rollins vs. Orton could be really compelling if done properly. Besides that, it's hard to see them really changing from Sunday night, other than maybe making it completely no-disqualification so weapons could be involved.

We'll have to wait and see exactly what direction they go with this feud.

The Rest of RAW:

** Sheamus won the U.S. title in the aforementioned 20-man battle royal. I don't mind this move, as Dean Ambrose really couldn't defend the title while also being involved in The Shield's feuds. I, personally, would have put the belt on Cesaro, but Sheamus is a good choice as well. Sheamus wasn't really involved in anything right now, and he could get into several different feuds right off the bat for the belt. Sheamus is also a guy that the WWE likes to feature, so hopefully the title won't just disappear again.

** Daniel Bryan beat Alberto Del Rio in a match where he played the underdog for the entire time. I mentioned it before, but I don't think it's possible for a title reign to be successful where the champion is playing the underdog the entire time. There have been many reigns like that throughout the history of wrestling, and I'd argue that all of them failed to some extent.

Also, this Daniel Bryan/Kane feud is going down basically like the Kane/Zach Ryder feud from early 2012, another time when Kane returned to his mask. The car segment was laughably reminiscent of the Zach Ryder/Kane/Eve segment where she was having car problems. I am curious as to how they're going to go farther than Sunday night with this feud, as well. The rumors are that they might bring back the Buried Alive match. While many of these matches in the past have been panned, psychologically it could work in this feud. And there aren't a whole lot of other scenarios that make sense, unless they're willing to use Hell In A Cell outside of that specific pay-per-view.

** The Wyatts had a segment where Bray continued to run down Cena. He went back to the leader of the people thing (which is good in my eyes), saying that he represented all the people of the world. I'm not sure exactly where the feud goes now with Cena, so it'll be interesting to see if it has the staying power to really continue to be strong for the next four weeks until Payback.

** Adam Rose debuted to ... well, it's hard to say since he debuted during that 10-10:30 stretch where the crowd usually dies. But it wasn't a great reception. They really need to increase the number of people in his party for the RAW set. The ramp is so much bigger, that it doesn't look nearly as good as it did in the NXT arena. Anyways, he came out in the middle of a Zeb Colter/Jack Swagger segment, so it looks like he'll jump right into a feud with them. Really, it's a great decision, as Rose's character will play perfectly off of Zeb's.

** Rusev squashed Kofi. WWE is going into overdrive with the Rusev/Lana heel heat. Not only did she praise Putin, she praised Edward Snowden for staying in Russia. Also a note, it seems like they're dropping Alexander from Rusev's name, so like Cesaro, he's a one-name wrestler.

** Cesaro got DQ'd in a match against Rob Van Dam. It seems like this RVD/Cesaro feud will continue. I hope they use Heyman more in the feud, as that is the best way they can go in a feud against RVD.

** Remember when Cody Rhodes, and the Rhodes brothers as a whole, were incredibly over? The crowd was completely dead for Cody's match against Ryback which Ryback won. While I hate the idea of killing yet another team, maybe they just need to at this point just to make Cody relevant again.

** Rather miserable Cinco de Mayo segment with Los Matadores and 3MB. The only mildly amusing part was the crowd chanting USA when the only wrestler billed from America out of all seven people in the ring was Heath Slater.

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