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Thoughts on Razor Ramon, not Scott Hall, going into WWE Hall of Fame

The final member of the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class was announced last week, and while many people expected Scott Hall to be inducted, what they didn’t necessarily expect is that it’s specifically Razor Ramon receiving the honor.

Scott Hall certainly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Factual or not, he’s widely considered to be the first true “Cool Heel” as Razor Ramon. He was part of the first WWF ladder match against Shawn Michaels and was one of the greatest Intercontinental champions ever.

And, of course, he truly made his mark on professional wrestling when he jumped to WCW and became part of the nWo.

That is why inducting Razor Ramon, and not Scott Hall, seems particularly odd. He is probably more well-known as Scott Hall than Razor Ramon.

While many of the wrestlers in the Hall of Fame are inducted as their gimmick, people who split time between multiple gimmicks, particularly if they used their real name, go in under their real name. Curt Hennig, who really made his mark as Mr. Perfect, went in as "Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig."  So it seems a little odd that Hall is going in as Razor Ramon.

There are two reasons I can see for doing this. 

The first one is fairly innocent. At some point, the nWo is almost certainly going to be inducted as a unit. Unlike Flair and the Four Horsemen, or Hogan and the nWo, Hall as a character doesn’t really have any separation from the nWo.

So, especially if they plan on inducting the nWo in the next couple years, it could make some sense to leave out Scott Hall to go in as a member of a stable, instead of getting inducted twice in a short time.

While that does make sense, I also wonder if Scott Hall’s past comes into play here.

Like fellow inductee, Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Scott Hall’s personal life was a complete mess, and again like Roberts, he might not even be here to be inducted if it wasn’t for Diamond Dallas Page and his Accountability Crib.

This doesn’t even take into account his problems with the law back in the 1980s. There was an E:60 piece made about how bad Hall’s life had gotten, and he, as much as anyone, had become a poster-child for everything that’s wrong with professional wrestling.

On the WWE Network, before any show with Chris Benoit, the WWE posts a warning message.  It reads, in part, “WWE characters are fictitious and do not reflect the personal lives of the actors portraying them.” 

It’s their way of distancing themselves from Chris Benoit, and specifically the way his life ended, while also acknowledging that yes, Benoit the character was an important part of the WWE for several years.

I wonder if they are using the same logic with Hall. They want to acknowledge Scott Hall’s contributions, particularly as Razor Ramon, but are distancing themselves from his issues outside the ring. 

Either way, Hall’s induction rounds out a class that should have some amazing speeches.  Hall and Roberts are almost certainly going to talk about their troubles and overcoming them. 

Roberts had a very emotional and heartfelt speech at Maryland Championship Wrestling’s recent show, and I’m sure given a platform as large as the Hall of Fame, will go even deeper into that. I think we can expect something similar from Hall, and of course, there’s always the wildcard speech potential from The Ultimate Warrior. His induction makes the Hall of Fame ceremony an absolute must-watch.

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