St. Mary's men's lacrosse eager to play at home for first time in eight games

For the first time in 2014, Seahawk Stadium will play host to something other than snow.

No. 18 St. Mary’s (3-4) will tangle with Albright (2-3) on Saturday in what will be the team’s home opener in St. Mary’s City.

The Seahawks were scheduled to play host to Muhlenberg on March 8, which would have been their first home contest after four consecutive games on the road. But a storm that dumped 5 inches made Seahawk Stadium unplayable, and both schools agreed to play the game at Muhlenberg.

Coach Chris Hasbrouck acknowledged that the team is “a little road weary.”

“It’s been tough,” he said on Friday morning. “My philosophy is great teams play well on the road. You want to play well at home, but to win and be competitive, you have to be able to win games against good competition on the road. Now that’s not why we had our first seven games away. … It is kind of a quirk in the schedule that to this point, we’ve been on the road. At the end of the season last year, some of our best games happened on the road, and that was through the conference playoffs. We had to go on the road to win, and we followed that. So there are a couple things involved. It is odd that we haven’t been home yet. So we are very much looking forward to playing on our field tomorrow. It’s been tough, and it’s been tough for everybody. We’re all dealing with the weather. Teams have been switching games just to try to get them in.”

Five of St. Mary’s next seven games will take place at home, and Hasbrouck said he hopes that the comforts and familiarity of Seahawk Stadium will help the team end a two-game skid. But he said he is not overly concerned about losses to then-No. 14 Montclair on Saturday and No. 8 Denison on Wednesday.

“I don’t feel we have to turn things around,” he said. “We just have to work through a tough patch. We need to take care of business on Saturday. It’s our last out-of-conference game. Our goal tomorrow is to get the record even at 4-4, and we’ll really like where we are. We feel like we’ll be well prepared for anything that the conference throws at us. … There’s a ton of lacrosse left. We’re not happy with the overall record, but I don’t feel like we’re reinventing the wheel or turning things around. We need to play a little better, a little smarter and then I think stuff will fall into place for us.”

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