One young Panthers fan isn't pleased with Ravens adding Steve Smith

While many in Baltimore are pumped that the Ravens have signed veteran wide receiver Steve Smith, many Carolina Panthers fans are bummed that the five-time Pro Bowl performer was released.

Perhaps none were more upset than a young boy named Gavin, whose meltdown after the Panthers cut Smith was captured on a video that has gone viral, generating more than 150,000 page views in five days.

In the video, which is embedded above, Gavin starts crying when he hears the news and says he “hates” the Panthers. Asked who he will root for on Sundays instead of his favorite player, Gavin wails, “Nobody!”

When Smith found out about the video, he took to Twitter to try to find Gavin. He later Tweeted that he had gotten in touch with the boy’s father and that he planned to meet up with the boy and “hook up the Lil guy.”

It sounds like the Ravens might soon be adding a young fan down south thanks to Smith’s kind gesture this week.

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