Washington College men's lacrosse welcomed back senior midfielder Kodie Englehart

Kodie Englehart recorded just one assist in his first game of the season, but the senior midfielder’s presence alone was beneficial in No. 7 Washington College’s 12-7 victory over Frostburg State on Saturday.

“He’s got an energy that you just can’t try to replicate with anybody else,” coach Jeff Shirk said on Monday. “He was flying around, but I also think it was probably better for him to get his first game under his belt because of the way that Kodie is. He has such high energy and high emotion that he may have been a little too high on Saturday. There were a couple opportunities that he will probably take advantage of down the road when he’s a little more acclimated, but it was great having him back.”

Englehart, who posted 14 goals and five assists as a starter last spring, was held off the field by the Shoremen (4-0) for the first three contests due to reasons undisclosed by Shirk. He did not score a goal while taking three shots against the Bobcats, but Englehart was still part of a four-player rotation on the first midfield with senior Hunter Nowicki, junior Grant Hughes and sophomore Sid Looney.

“Because we run our middies two ways, they get tired pretty quick,” Shirk said. “We keep them on the field for two or three trips. That’s why we went to a four-man rotation. Anyone who is tired can sit out. It’s one of those things where it’s worked out pretty well just because of how we structure our play.”

Englehart might need at least one more game to regain his form, but Shirk pointed out that Englehart has been practicing with the team despite being held out of games.

“Hopefully, he’s already got it back,” Shirk said. “Time will tell. I think he’s there. He’s as healthy as he’s ever been. He battled some injuries last year. So I don’t think it’s going to take him very long to get back to where he wants to be.”

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