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Johns Hopkins' Dave Pietramala suggests changes to lacrosse schedule

It just doesn’t seem natural playing lacrosse when there is still snow on the ground. There used to be a time when the regular season opened in the first week of March, but those days are long gone.

Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala isn’t in favor of starting the season so early and would like to move the postseason back as well.

“I’m not a fan of where we are right now,” Pietramala said. “I’m not a fan of where we are with recruiting, not a fan of where we are with the calendar. I’d like to see practice begin February the 1st, and the first game to begin either the last week of February or the first weekend of March. I’d like to see the Final Four moved back, I’d like to see it not on Memorial Day. I’d like see it moved back a month.”

Pietramala suggested followeing the model of another spring sport.

“I’d like to see us take a page out of baseball and play the most important games of the year when we’re out of school,” he said. “We’re facing teams out of school long before we are when we’re playing in the national quarterfinals, and we’re still in final exams. We’re not the only team that deals with that, so it’s not a complaint. But I think the most important lacrosse of the tournament and conferences should be played in the best weather and certainly when guys are out of school, which would make for more exciting lacrosse, and better lacrosse.”

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