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When Johns Hopkins-Ohio State went to OT, it was clear the Blue Jays would win

After watching the Johns Hopkins-Ohio State game Sunday end in regulation, I figured it was only a matter of time before the Blue Jays won.

The key for Johns Hopkins was getting control of the ball and getting their offense into some type of flow. Ohio State played hard, but the Buckeyes don't have the players on offense who can break down a defense, especially at midfield.

They have shooters and they can play that two-on-two Canadian style, but they can't force a defense to press out and make hard slides.

Johns Hopkins has a couple of those players -- Wells Stanwick and Brandon Benn.

Benn needed just 59 seconds into the third overtime to dodge from the right of the goal and then score to give the Blue Jays the 10-9 victory.

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