Seahawks spell victory with a capital 'D'

Chalk this one up to that old cliché about good pitching beating good hitting. The Seattle Seahawks showed again that championships really are won on defense, and they did it against one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning was on his heels all night, which was quite a switch from a regular season in which he seldom got a grass stain on his uniform. His top-rated Denver Broncos offense looked disoriented from the start, saving their worst performance of the season for the sport’s biggest stage.

If nothing else, maybe the way the Broncos were bullied will allow Ravens fans to forgive Joe Flacco for his struggles in 2013, since Manning’s 280-yard, two-interception performance behind a surprisingly ineffective offensive line bore a striking similarity to some of Flacco’s stat lines – in particular his 260-yard, two-interception performance against the Patriots in December.

The Broncos never got their run game in gear and the Seahawks forced Manning to depend largely on short passes that did not generate enough yardage to sustain drives, but it was the four Denver turnovers that allowed the game to get out of hand and create one of the more anti-climactic Super Bowls in recent memory.

In the absence of any faulty circuit breakers at MetLife Stadium, the highlight of the second half was the heart-warming Budweiser commercial that featured the clydesdales and that cute labrador puppy.

Hey, when the score is 43-8, you take what you can get.

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