Damien Sandow cashes in, loses to John Cena on WWE Raw

The exact thing many fans had feared would happen, happened on Raw.

John Cena came out to speak after winning the World Heavyweight title Sunday night at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Damien Sandow interrupted, attacked Cena, then cashed in.

It seemed logical.

As soon as Cena kicked out of the first pinfall attempt, though, some fans probably started to get worried.

You see, Sandow has been losing a lot of matches since he won the Money in the Bank briefcase. Wins and losses don't really matter in WWE many people say, but secretly they do.

If you keep losing, eventually people will grow tired of you. Sandow is a terrific character who many fans have gotten behind, excusing the consistent losses because he held that briefcase, which was seemingly a reservation at the main event table.

Sandow kept attacking. Cena kept powering out. Then, Cena came back. The match had a subplot of the ringside doctor checking on Cena's arm.

Not only was Cena fine, he pinned Sandow after an Attitude Adjustment.

The "10 percenters" imploded.

After all that hype, wait and anticipation, Sandow's cash-in is a mere blip in the saga of Super Cena.

Does this mean Sandow will never be World Heavyweight champion? No. Does this dispel the notion that a Money in the Bank briefcase holder is guaranteed to win the title? John Cena dispelled that himself, but yes.

Now there is doubt in the future. Some wish it wasn't Sandow that cast that doubt for them. I truly hope he has a great rivalry looming for him and doesn't join 3MB, playing the accordion.

What else you need to know from WWE Raw

* CM Punk destroyed Ryback in a street fight. This must be the last chapter. Paul Heyman was MIA.

* The Big Show (music theme playing and with new merchandise) came to the ring and knocked out Randy Orton during his celebration to end Raw.

* Daniel Bryan attacked Shawn Michaels. I'll say this now -- I would be completely fine with Michaels returning to the ring for one more match if it's against Bryan. What a dream match that would be.

* Los Matadores beat 3MB. Now you know.

* Kane pulverized The Miz, then pledged his allegiance to Stephanie McMahon, taking off his mask and hair (yes, the long hair was attached to the mask).

* The Real Americans scored a win against The Rhodes Brothers in a non-title match. If this leads to the Rhodes team defending the championship belts, I'm all for it.

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