Ravens rookie Q&A;: Talking with Kapron Lewis-Moore about learning in a redshirt year

Each week, Baltimore Sun blogger and reporter Matt Vensel will fire a few questions at a random Ravens rookie. This week it was sixth-rounder Kapron Lewis-Moore, who is on injured reserve with a knee injury.

MV: It has been like a redshirt year for you coming in with your knee injury. What goals have you set for yourself in your first year in the NFL knowing that you won’t set foot on the field until next year?

KLM: My number one priority is to get my knee healthy and strong so I can get back on the field. Number two is just to learn how things work around here. I’m looking at the vets, seeing what they do and how they carry themselves. That’s something that I’m really trying to focus on this year.

MV: You tore your right ACL in the BCS national championship game in January. Coming into the draft, what were your expectations knowing you wouldn’t be able to play your first year?

KLM: After I got injured, it sucked at the moment. But talking to my agent, he was really optimistic about how I could be drafted based on my film. I kind of had some doubts because I didn’t know if a team wanted to take a guy with an ACL injury. Most teams go the undrafted route. But I was blessed with this opportunity and I’m really thankful that the Ravens drafted me. I just want to show them that I’m an accountable guy, someone they can count on and just come in and do everything that I can right now.

MV: As a young player, is there anyone in particular that you have latched onto and tried to learn from?

KLM: Yeah, several guys. I’ll say everyone on the defensive line. That’s the group I spend the most time with, so whether it’s meetings or when I was on the field in training camp, I would ask the older guys some questions and just see how [defensive line coach Clarence Brooks] ran things.

MV: Where are you in your recovery right now?

KLM: I’m feeling pretty good. I’m starting to move laterally now and my knee is feeling pretty strong. I’m just doing I can do under my control to get back on the field.

MV: You see your fellow rookies -- and all your teammates -- go out there and play every week. How hard is it to sit and watch, and do you allow yourself to daydream about when you will finally get your opportunity to run out onto the field?

KLM: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I wouldn’t say that I’m upset. I just want to go out there and compete and have fun. It’s been a while since I put on some pads and tackled somebody. But I’m happy for them. They get to go out there and have fun and it’s fun watching them have fun out there. I’ll just go cheer them on and try to be there as much as I can.

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