After being fired, Big Show returns to KO Triple H to end WWE Raw

I know the drill.

When I'm watching WWE, sometimes (often) I have to suspend my disbelief. Check some logic at the door and just enjoy the moments that are unfolding in front of me.

Last night on WWE Raw, The Big Show finally KOed Triple H. The fans loved it. Daniel Bryan stood atop Triple H, fixed his tie, and led the entire crowd in a "Yes!" chant. This is a moment that has been building for weeks.

Of course, this happened after Stephanie McMahon fired The Big Show to start the night, after calling him out for ruining the WWE championship main event between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan at the WWE Battleground pay-per-view.

So The Big Show got fired and left backstage. Presumably, you'd think a fired employee (or independent contractor) would be escorted out of the building, or at least, not be at his/her former workplace any longer. Not only that, you'd assume The Big Show's theme music wouldn't play when he reappeared later in the show (still fired at this point, remember), to get his comeuppance on Triple H.

Not that a scenario like this is new, but sometimes it's a little bit of a stretch to logically put aside these little details. But here's the question -- do you complain about these logic gaps in professional wrestling, or do you just accept them and move on to the moment that's being created (which did delight many)?

I guess that's the beauty of WWE -- some will point out logic flaws, others will praise the memories, regardless of the plot journey taken to get there ... and some people you can just never please.

What you need to know

** Vickie Guerrero, who was invited to Raw, announced that Alberto Del Rio would face John Cena for the World Heavyweight title at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. That's right. John Cena. The man who, on Aug. 19, said that he would be gone four-to-six months with a torn triceps. Hell in a Cell is Oct. 27, so he is returning two months and eight days after that announcement. Perhaps Triple H will nix the proposed match and set up another one, but Cena/WWE have tweeted this out and graphics were shown (pictured above), so we'll have to see if this happens or not.

** CM Punk and random partner R Truth defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback. R Truth will now face Axel for the Intercontinental title on WWE Smackdown.

** Dolph Ziggler beat Damien Sandow for the second night in a row. I often point out #TheLittleThings on Twitter, and I loved how Sandow was more aggressive in this match because he lost to Ziggler the night before and as a result of Ziggler hurting him in that match, he couldn't cash in his Money in the Bank bid -- all logical and simple-to-follow story points.

** Bruno Sammartino was in attendance. Most fans watching Raw haven't lived as long as Sammartino held the WWE title. Happy birthday, Living Legend!

** Shawn Michaels was chosen to be special guest referee for the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton Hell in a Cell match at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view later this month. He beat Booker T (who somehow got seven percent of the vote) and Bob Backlund (who yelled a promo).

** Los Matadores beat 3MB. El Torito continues to be the star of the trio.

** The Real Americans again beat The Great Khali and Santino Marella, with another impressive Giant Swing on Khali for Antonio Cesaro. I still maintain the next huge swing moment will be two superstars at the same time, and I'm looking squarely at Los Matadores for that one.

** Randy Orton beat Kofi Kingston. The match seemed a bit off.

** The Miz and the Wyatt Family got into it. The Miz is a good next victim for the crabwalking Bray Wyatt.

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