WWE's Kane teams up with politician Ron Paul

It's no secret that Glenn Jacobs, the man who has famously portrayed Kane in WWE for 16 years, is a Libertarian. It's also no secret that Jacobs and former Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul are friends.

The pair are together in public once again, this time on the "Ron Paul Channel." A preview of the 16 minute interview can be seen here: http://www.ronpaulchannel.com/video/wwe-kane-joins-the-channel/ (full access to the interview requires a subscription).

Pro wrestling and politics aren't complete strangers. On top of Jacobs and former WWE superstar Sean "Val Venis" Morley being avid Libertarians, WWE CEO Linda McMahon has run for the U.S. Senate out of Connecticut twice, and former WWE superstar and commentator Jesse Ventura was Governor of Minnesota.

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