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Ravens rookie Q&A;: free safety Matt Elam

Each week, Baltimore Sun blogger and reporter Matt Vensel will fire a few questions at a random Ravens rookie. This week it was Matt Elam, a first-round pick from Florida who is the team’s starting free safety.

MV: How do you think these past couple of weeks have gone for you since joining the starting lineup? And has there been anything about playing in the NFL that has surprised you or caught you off guard?

ME: No, not really. Everything has been doing as planned. I’m going out and working every day and I’m getting better at what I do, so that’s giving me confidence. I feel like that nothing is surprising me. It’s just football at the end of the day and I’m just going out and just executing and doing my job.

MV: When you were at Florida, you did a lot of different things. They kind of used you like a jack of all trades. Do you see yourself as that and do you think the team will put you in position to do the same sort of things here?

ME: I feel like they’re going to put me in the best situation for me to succeed. So whatever it takes for the team to win, that’s where they’re going to put me at. My role is probably not as big as it was at Florida, but that’s why I’m working every day to make sure to get to that point where they have a lot of confidence to put me in a situation to make a lot of plays. I just feel like they won’t put me into situations that might hurt me. They’ll put me in a great situation to make me look good.

MV: How are you handling the notoriety that comes with being a first-round pick in a football-crazed town? Do you ever get noticed in public or anything like that?

ME: It ain’t no different for me. I feel like it’s the same way as it was in college. I haven’t been overwhelmed with it. People notice me all the time. But there’s no difference.

MV: How helpful is it that you have a brother, Abram, who has played in the NFL?

ME: The experience that he gave me and the knowledge that he has given me, it’s just an advantage. He taught me a lot of things and with the experience that he has I learned a lot.

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