Duke's Saint K is taking his basketball and going home

You have to love Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. He always thinks his program is better than yours and that it's above reproach. His holier-than-thou attitude about Maryland leaving for the Big Ten is getting a little tiresome.

He’s Saint K.

When asked Thursday on the ESPN 980 AM Sports Fix show whether the Blue Devils would play the Terps again, he said no, unless it's part of the ACC-Big 10 Challenge.

"Well, that would be the only way it would be done, because we won't schedule Maryland,” Saint K said, according to the Washington Post’s Sports Bog. "And there's nothing to that, just that it doesn’t work out for us to do that. That's the only way it would happen, if they continue the Big 10-ACC."

Did Krzyzewski even once think that Maryland might not want to schedule Duke going forward? Nope, the Terps are beneath him. As he said, "… we won’t schedule Maryland."

Maybe Mark Turgeon doesn't want to schedule Duke. The thought probably never crossed Saint K's mind.

I guess he doesn’t want to knock Elon, Vermont or Gardner-Webb off the schedule for a Big Ten school.

Here’s hoping Turgeon doesn't take any of Saint K's crap this year. We’re sick of it.

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