Daniel Bryan in peril, Cody Rhodes 'fired' on WWE Raw

As the storyline of Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton and the WWE brass (Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, etc.) blossoms, we are seeing the "building heat" phase. The WWE Universe is developing more and more discontent toward the villain side of the equation, as the hero constantly gets one-upped and beaten down. Two weeks away from the next pay-per-view, Night of Champions, Bryan looks like he doesn't stand a chance.  This week's Raw ended the same way it has ended for the last few weeks -- with Randy Orton and the "corporation" standing tall over a lifeless "B+".

One of the biggest points of "heat" on Raw was Triple H firing Cody Rhodes after he lost a match with the WWE champ. Worse, it was mentioned that Rhodes will get married in a few days (this is actually happening), so the boss firing a talent days before the supposed "happiest day of their lives" can definitely be infuriating to an observer. Though I don't believe Cody Rhodes is gone forever -- I think he will return just in time to be a fresh title challenger for Damien Sandow, who will eventually become World Heavyweight Champion. Despite the firing, this was a big week for Rhodes, with a terrific match and a passionate promo. Triple H gets nuclear heat.

Next week, I suspect Bryan will be thrown a bone, whether it's Vince McMahon joining his side, or getting a physical advantage. Raw likely won't end with Randy Orton and the "suits" standing tall. Rather, it will be Bryan who finally gets an edge, making fans believe he does indeed have a shot of winning, also with the last laugh and momentum on his side.

Other notes

** A Fatal Fourway Divas title match has been set for Night of Champions. AJ will defend against Naomi, Brie Bella and Natalya

** Stephanie McMahon emasculated Big Show in an interview, saying he's broke. I wonder if JBL will now hire him to become his lackey?

** Status Quo week for the CM Punk-Paul Heyman saga. CM Punk had a promo in ring and promised a "biblical a** beating" of Paul Heyman. Line of the night.

** Edge will be at Raw next week in his hometown of Toronto. One night only, but always great to see the Rated R Superstar back

** WWE is really pushing the Los Matadores promos, with at least two a week. High expectations now for these guys.

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