Randy Orton stands tall at WWE's Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank has become a destination pay-per-view for WWE fans, mostly because of how much can happen in both MITB matches.

Much like the Royal Rumble match, MITB has multiple participants, lays out upcoming rivalries and reveals the winner of a big stake.

Last night's event was no different.

The last image was Randy Orton standing tall, holding the Raw MITB briefcase. During the match, Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk, furthering along the highly anticipated Punk vs. Brock Lesnar tilt at Summerslam. Daniel Bryan was attacked by Curtis Axel, possibly leading to an Intercontinental title clash, which suddenly seems highly intriguing. 

Since John Cena defeated Mark Henry to retain the WWE title convincingly, perhaps the mood is right for Orton to cash in at Summerslam and see the first Cena vs. Orton matchup in a long time on PPV. Meanwhile, Rob Van Dam tore the house down, with the early part of the matchup resembling "Van Dam's greatest hits." I look for him to continue to make a large, immediate impact.

In the other MITB matchup, Damien Sandow pushed his tag partner Cody Rhodes off the ladder to claim the briefcase. Rhodes was absolutely the MVP of this match, becoming a house of fire and gaining the crowd's interest. Rhodes vs. Sandow seems like a great fit for the big August event.

In other news, Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ, retaining the World Heavyweight title. This feud can certainly continue, even if Dolph Ziggler and AJ's relationships won't. Ziggler walked away, seemingly at a crossroads with love.

Other matches

** Curtis Avel defeated The Miz. It seems like superstar after superstar has been kicking out of the PerfectPlex, so that a new Axel finisher can be established and become important.

** Speaking of finishers, AJ's "Black Widow" has become the most dominant finish in the Divas division, and arguably one of the top moves in WWE today. She used it to defeat Kaitlyn again.

** Ryback defeated Chris Jericho by rollup. I'm not sure where Ryback is exactly right now in terms of interest. He has definitely lost a step, but beating Jericho is a step in the right direction. Jericho can lose 5,000 matches and still win the title the next night and it be believable -- he's that popular.

** In the pre-show, The Shield (Seth Rollins / Roman Reigns) defeated The Usos, though the fallout spilled over on PPV, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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