Buck Showalter isn't a match for Earl Weaver when it comes to arguing

When it comes to arguing with umpires, Buck Showalter is no Earl Weaver.

If there ever was a reason to get tossed from a game, it was Tuesday night's debacle between third base umpire Tim Timmons, the crew chief, and second base umpire Laz Diaz.


The Orioles were leading by three runs in the seventh inning when the Detroit Tigers' Torii Hunter hit a groundball that Manny Machado fielded and appeared to tag Brayan Pena running from second to third. Machado then threw to second to force out Austin Jackson there.

But the umpires ruled that Machado didn't tag Pena, even though replays appeared to show he did. What was confusing was Diaz pointing at Pena as if to call him out.


Timmons later said Diaz was pointing to him to say it was Timmons' call. Yet Timmons seemed to be behind Machado and likely couldn't see the tag. Either way, it looked like Pena swerved out of the basepath to avoid the tag and should have been called out.

Showalter came out and yelled a little, but he left the field without getting ejected. He asked Machado if he tagged Pena and Machado said he did. That would have been enough proof for Weaver.

The Earl of Baltimore would have put on a show, that's for sure. It was a key play in the game and the umpires looked like they had no idea what they were doing, which Weaver would have whole-heartedly agreed with.

If it was Weaver, at least one base would have been thrown and dirt kicked on both umpires. It was brutal umpiring.

Weaver was ejected an American League-record 98 times, according to Baseball Almanac. Showalter has been ejected in his career about a quarter of that total.

Showalter has been channeling his inner-Earl when it comes to managing a game. He just can't seem to get fired up like Weaver when it comes to the umpires.

Then again, can anyone compare to Weaver and his tirades?