Towson preparing for tough stretch of games in March

Many times, the way a team starts and/or finishes can help determine that team’s postseason fate. The middle of the upcoming season could be just as important for Towson.

Between March 8-22, the Tigers will meet Marist at home before traveling for road contests against Navy (March 12), Duke (March 16), UMBC (March 19) and Colonial Athletic Association rival Delaware (March 22). It may be one of the more arduous stretches in Division I, but coach Shawn Nadelen said the players might prefer those games versus participating in practice.

“I think if you ask any collegiate athlete out there, the games are probably a lot more fun than the practices,” he said with a chuckle. “The guys definitely get excited about the amount of times they get to compete and get to wear the jersey and get out there and really represent Towson. I don’t think they’re looking at the total number. I think they’re just looking at the opponents week by week. It might be two opponents in a week or four or five opponents in a two-week span. I know during the month of March, we have seven games. So we have a pretty strong slate in March and a pretty tough one. So we’ve got to prepare accordingly and I’m sure the guys will like playing games more than getting yelled at by the coaches.”

But there is a little worry as those contests could produce injuries, and there’s not much time between games to heal and rest. Nadelen acknowledged that possibility.

“Yeah, there’s always a concern for that,” he said. “You get fatigued, you get injuries and things like that. If you have games kind of stacked on top of each other, being able to recover from some of those injuries is obviously more problematic. But it’s something that I think comes with the territory. Look, to win the whole thing, you have to play on a Saturday and Monday [on Memorial Day weekend]. So you have to be physically and mentally prepared for that and being able to bounce back and get through some injury and some soreness and things like that. I think this schedule prepares you for what it’s going to be like with the conference championships and the NCAA tournament.”

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