Kofi Kingston talks Raw 20th anniversary

In advance of Raw's 20th anniversary program, which airs Monday night from Houston, WWE superstar Kofi Kingston was made available for media interviews.

Kingston is an interesting superstar, given that nobody ever questions his position on the roster, yet scarcely is he seen in the main event. He has wrestled for a top title (WWE championship or World Heavyweight title) only twice on pay-per-view in his career, both being Elimination Chamber matches. He has faced a top champion in a televised singles match only eight times, going 1-7 (defeating WHC Jack Swagger in 2010), with every match being non-title.

What will it take for Kofi Kingston to get more main event recognition? Why hasn't he gotten that up until this point?

This and much more is discussed in the 10-minute interview below, including:

** How the Kofi Kingston character was born and the Jamaican connection

** The famous moment on Raw where he suddenly lost his Jamaican accent

** Is there another Royal Rumble elimination dodge in the works?


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