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Colts expect passion from Baltimore fans on Sunday

For most of the callow Colts, the history of the Colts’ move from Baltimore to Indianapolis might as well be as distant and foreign as the publication of the Magna Carta and the War of 1812.

“I wasn’t even born then,’’ Dwayne Allen said of the 1984 move of the franchise. He’s 22 years old. Born in 1990. “I wasn’t even a thought.’’

That’s true for most of this team. And the older guys? They were kids when the move happened. They were trying to figure out multiplication tables when those Mayflower trucks left in the dead of night.

They will find out Sunday, though, that it doesn’t matter, that the ancient grudge still persists, that the Colts’ logo still inspires the same old anger. It mostly comes from the older Baltimoreans, but like anything, it has been passed along, like a cherished keepsake, to younger Baltimoreans who couldn’t tell you the dictionary definition of “eminent domain.’’

“Yeah, I understand it,’’ Chuck Pagano said, laughing. “Because I remember when I got the opportunity here, seeing the paper and [in a cartoon] they had me driving a Mayflower out of town. We talked about it with our players this morning. They all understand what transpired.’’

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