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Flacco time today vs. Redskins

It’s probably fair to predict that the CBS broadcast crew will spend a lot of time talking up Robert Griffin III, who is – quite rightfully – the flavor of the month in the NFL. But look for today’s game to be decided by Joe Flacco, whose ability to move the ball against a vulnerable Redskins defense will determine who leaves Fedex Field with a victory.

The Redskins are a slight favorite going into the game because of the home-field advantage, but it’s not really a big home-field advantage. There are a lot of Ravens fans in the crowd and there was no real travel disadvantage for the visiting team.

There’s no doubt that RG3 is a special player who will make plays today, but the Ravens have a wide array of playmakers on offense and need to show the Redskins that they also can beat a team several different ways. That means a lot of touches for Ray Rice, but also a lot of intermediate passes to Anquon Boldin, Dennis Pitta and Torrey Smith.

The Redskins secondary is capable of giving up the long ball, but Flacco needs to pick his spots more carefully in that regard than he did last week against the Steelers.

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