Checking in with rookie cornerback Asa Jackson

Each week, blogger Matt Vensel fires a few questions at rookie cornerback and kick returner Asa Jackson. The Ravens’ fifth-round pick in April’s draft, Jackson is a Sacramento native who played his college ball at Cal Poly.

MV: How was your trip back to California during the bye week? Was it good to get home?

AJ: It was nice to get back. I didn’t do much. I did a lot of relaxing and I saw a lot of people that I haven’t seen over the past few months. That was the main goal of the trip, to see my family and as many friends as I could and just relax and get my mind ready for the next little stretch that we got.

MV: Was what it like coming home to a hurricane?

AJ: It was different. We don’t have anything like that out there [in California]. Thankfully, Owings Mills didn’t get hit too bad, at least where I’m living. We had power the whole time and everything. But it was a little weird to go from 85 [degrees] and sunny to a hurricane.

MV: I read somewhere that when you were looking to go to college, you considered going to Georgetown. Is that true?

AJ: Yeah, Georgetown and Notre Dame offered me track scholarships. I was real, real close to taking one of those. But I went to Cal Poly on my visit a week before Signing Day for football, and I just ended up liking it and that’s where I ended up going. But I was like days away from signing at Notre Dame or Georgetown for track.

MV: If you couldn’t be playing football for a living, what would you be doing? You’re obviously a pretty bright guy.

AJ: I would have tried to do something with sports management. But academically, I’ve always been a big business guy. I was an international business major in college. And hopefully by now I would have been looking to get a job at some kind of Fortune 500 company.

MV: You need to get hooked up with Bernard Pollard. He has all his side projects going on, the Bourre app and T-shirts and all that.

AJ: He’s doing good things. I need to talk to him and see if I can get something going on the iPad.

 [Note: To interact with Asa, follow him @_KIDRaven_ on Twitter]

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