NFL: All's right with the world

Thursday night's game between the Ravens and Cleveland Browns was relatively uneventful, which is just the way the NFL wanted it.

The regular refs parachuted in after the resolution of the labor dispute -- got a nice ovation when they took the field at M&T; Bank Stadium -- and did something we haven't seen in awhile.

They took control of the game.

That was Job One. Sure, they threw their share of flags and even dropped a costly unsportsmanlike penalty on the Browns bench late in the game. There was even a point in the second quarter when the brief honeymoon with the fans ended and they got booed after a call that went to the detriment of the Ravens.

No doubt, there will still be some shaky officiating as the crews get re-acclimated to the game, but assuring that there would not be a third straight nationally televised officiating disaster was a nice start to the rest of the season.

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