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WWE superstar John Cena is thinking pink for Night of Champions

Roughly three times a year, John Cena changes colors. Typically we see his "kit" in a predominant black, green, orange, black again, red, purple, black again, etc.

This time, the CeNation will wear a color their leader has never donned before - and it brings a charitable twist.

Tonight at the Night of Champions pay-per-view event, for his main event match with CM Punk, John Cena will wear pink. Pink hat, pink arm band, black shirt with pink logo.

The message? Rise Above Cancer.

It all started with John's youngest brother Sean, who was diagnosed with brain cancer, but early detection saved his life.

“Sean’s doing extremely well,” Cena told the Boston Herald. “It was an inoperable brain tumor, but one of the main reasons he’s done well is the early detection. I know it’s brain cancer and breast cancer, but that key is early detection.”

WWE will donate 100 percent of the profits (at least 30 percent of the retail sales of merchandise) to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation devoted to fundraising and research.

With Cena's personal past with cancer, and WWE's strong female fan base (more than five million females a week watch WWE), this partnership seems like a natural one.

A source mentioned to me that John Cena's most successful merchandise colors in the past have been orange and green. With the charitable tie-in, I would love to see pink exceed all current records.

In fact, I would like to see future iterations off John Cena's 'kits' be charity-related. 

With the amount of wishes that the man grants for Make A Wish, plus this new charitable endeavor, it's clear: Tonight, at Night of Champions, wearing his 'Rise Above Cancer' tee ... John Cena will turn heel.


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