Barcoding Inc. safeguards children at sailing festival

More than 2,500 companies depend on Barcoding Inc. when it comes to making sure products arrive and leave on time. But for competitors in this weekend's Junior Olympic Sailing Festival, relying on the Baltimore-based corporation has been a matter of personal safety.

Barcoding Inc., created in 1998, is in the business of facilitating the transportation of products through the use of barcodes. The organization provides clients with the barcodes and the technology to scan them.

The sailing festival, which ends Sunday in Annapolis, found a way to use Barcoding Inc.'s technology to its advantage.

Barcoding Inc. provided Motorola MC70 devices, small handheld scanners, for festival employees and waterproof badges for each of the children so they could be counted when they left to go on the water and when they came back to ensure that nobody was stranded or in danger.

"There is absolutely 100 percent accuracy," said Kyle Gold, Barcoding Inc.'s executive account manager. "We are ensuring that there are no manual errors that could be created by checking the wrong box, writing down the wrong name or location. If you're barcode scanning, what you're really doing is ensuring accuracy."

Gold says Barcoding Inc.'s involvement with the sailing festival shows an expanded use for barcode technology and reflects the business' viability in the market.

"It's certainly continuing to grow," Gold said of Barcoding Inc. "We've passed all expectations. It's a growth industry, and we are well-positioned to be a leader in that space."

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