Let the riots begin: Kentucky poised to win it all

Memo to University of Kentucky campus police: get the pepper spray ready, boys. They'll be torching couches and playing "Flip the Toyota" again tonight after the Wildcats get past Kansas and win their eighth NCAAtitle -- although their first since 1998.

Kentucky has at least five NBA-ready players and if you don't think Player of the Year Anthony Davis is the real deal, you didn't watch Davis and his famous unibrow dominate in the Wildcats' win over Louisville the other night.

He scored "only" 18 points but seemed to be in the right place for every rebound and put-back. And his freakishly long arms and great timing make him the most intimidating shot-blocker since, I don't know, Dikembe Mutombo or Tim Duncan or Alonzo Mourning.

Davis andMichael Kidd-Gilchristgive Kentucky a formidable one-two scoring punch. And when the Wildcats get their fast-break going, they can blow the other team out of the gym -- although that probably won't happen to Kansas, a team that plays solid defense and that will make stopping Kentucky's transition game a priority.

Heads up, UK campus police. By 11:30 or so tonight, there might be serious mayhem near the campus.

And it won't be an All-State commercial.


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