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Navy morale rising after upset of Colgate

Navy coach Rick Sowell had yet to meet his players for their first practice of the week, but he could guess at how they were feeling after Saturday’s upset of No. 12 Colgate.

“I think there’s some hop in their giddy-up, that’s for sure,” Sowell said Monday afternoon. “I think the players are excited and hopefully, that means we’ve got a good week of practice in store for us because it’s like going from the frying pan to the fire with Lehigh up next. It certainly doesn’t get any easier. But we’re feeling confident from winning four games in a row. The good thing is, there is still room for improvement. We didn’t play our best game on Saturday. It certainly was a very good game, and we persevered, but it kind of looked like UNC at one point where we had the lead and to Colgate’s credit, they just kept chipping away and chipping away. But we withstood their challenges and scored a big goal at the end. Hopefully, that gives us confidence going forward, knowing that we can win some tight games in the fourth quarter.”

With the victory, the Midshipmen improved to 5-3 overall and 3-1 in the Patriot League and extended their winning streak to four. Sowell hopes that the wins have validated what the players and coaches have been working on during practice.

The outcome against the Raiders puts Navy in third place behind No. 8 Lehigh (9-1, 2-0) and No. 16 Bucknell (6-3, 2-0) and that much closer to realizing the program’s preseason objective of finishing in the top four and qualifying for the conference tournament.

“The prognosticators in the preseason had us ranked fifth in the league,” Sowell said. “So we’re working hard towards accomplishing that goal, and the win against Colgate just puts us a step closer. We’ve got two huge games left, so it won’t be easy. But we are a step closer to accomplishing our goal.”

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