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Opening weekend of March Madness is a bracket killer

My brackets went up in flames this weekend -- like a raging oil refinery fire, if you want the truth. So for me, there is no hope of any respectable showing in the modest NCAA men's basketball tournament pool in which I compete.

 (Compete?! Ha! That's a laugh!)

Yes, it is. I picked more losers than all the Kardashian boyfriends combined. I had Missouri in the Final Four. Vanderbilt in the Elite Eight. Duke in the Sweet Sixteen.

I could go on with the losers, but what's the point? You have your own problems. You don't need to hear mine.

But here's the thing: even with my brackets charred beyond recognition, I'm loving March Madness this year, loving the big upsets. This has been the most entertaining start to the tournament in years.

Lehigh knocking Duke out in the first round was sweet to watch, even as it torched my South Regional bracket. Same with Norfolk State KOing Missouri. I'm a big underdog guy. Give me the plucky little school you've hardly ever heard of knocking off the big bad hoops factory anytime -- even when it kills my brackets.

I have North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio State going to the Final Four, with Kentucky and Carolina playing for the national championship and the Tar Heels winning it.

I felt good about Carolina's chances, too. Then Kendall Marshall went to the floor in that blowout of Creighton and broke a bone in his wrist. We'll see if he comes back, and if he does, we'll see how effective he'll be. I love how the kid plays, so I'm pulling for him hard.

But now that my brackets are toast, I'm mainly pulling for good matchups and exciting games the rest of the way.

That's what losers like me, do. And after all the upsets this weekend, I know I'm not alone.

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