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Excitement around Johns Hopkins builds for Syracuse week

Johns Hopkins has several memorable rivalries with peers like Maryland, Virginia and Princeton. But when the Blue Jays and Syracuse – two programs that captured a combined 20 national championships – meet as they will this Saturday, there’s an elevated sense of excitement around the Johns Hopkins campus in Baltimore.

“It obviously is a little bit different,” junior midfielder John Ranagan said Tuesday. “We try to approach every game like it’s the biggest game of the year. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a lot of games midweek. This week, we’re able to have a good five days of practice and get a lot of scouting in and get some rest. We had three games in eight days for two straight weeks, so we’re excited to get back to a normal schedule.”

In addition to Saturday pitting the No. 2 Blue Jays against the No. 7 Orange, it’s also the 50th all-time meeting between the two juggernauts. Those circumstances aren’t lost on the players, coach Dave Pietramala said.

“They know,” he said Wednesday. “I think the key for us is to manage the week, and we have a very challenging week this year. We’re in midterms, so we’ve got guys that are up all night and studying for exams, and we’ve got to manage that.”

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