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Status of Hopkins' Boland, Stanwick unclear for Saturday vs. Syracuse

With No. 2 Johns Hopkins preparing to welcome No. 7 Syracuse to Homewood Field in Baltimore on Saturday, the Blue Jays would love to have their full complement of attackmen at their disposal.

But it’s unclear whether senior Chris Boland and freshman Wells Stanwick will be available against the Orange (3-1).

“Don’t know yet,” coach Dave Pietramala said of their status. “It’s kind of a day-to-day, week-to-week type of thing with both guys. So we don’t know yet.”

Boland has missed five straight contests since injuring his shoulder in the team’s season-opening victory over Towson Feb. 17. Stanwick is reportedly dealing with a hand injury that has sidelined him for the last three games.

Without some certainty on their availability, Johns Hopkins (6-0) is moving forward in crafting a game plan against Syracuse with juniors Zach Palmer and John Kaestner and sophomore Brandon Benn expected to start on attack.

Pietramala said the approach is no different from what the coaches have done in the past.

“We prepare with what we know we have,” he said. “If you get a guy back and it’s a game-time decision, great. If it’s a ‘Well, we don’t know if he’s going to be there this week, but you might have him next week,’ we take the tack that we’re going to prepare without him. And if we get him, it’s an added bonus. We have to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, not the best-case scenarios. The best-case scenarios, we’re already prepared for. We spent the whole fall and whole preseason and a little bit of the early season with those guys. So quite honestly, it’s one of those things where you go at it, and you say, ‘OK, let’s just prepare like we’re not going to have them.’ And if we do, we know what we want to do there. But we’ve got to make sure that we know what we want to do without them.”

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