Report: Brandon Marshall allegedly slugs woman outside of N.Y. nightclub

Maybe there's more to the Brandon Marshall trade than meets the eye.

On Tuesday, just before the free agency frenzy began in the NFL, the Chicago Bears were able to obtain the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for what seemed like a bargain price of two third-round draft picks.

Maybe here's the reason why the cost was so low: Marshall is accused of punching a woman in the face at a New York City nightclub on Sunday morning, according to a New York Post story. Given his long list of off-field troubles and $9.5 million salary, the Dolphins look like they took whatever they could get for Marshall.

We have to believe that the Bears knew about the incident, but you never know. Remember, this was the same team that the Ravens thought they had a trade in place with during the first round of last year's draft. But that GM, Jerry Angelo, was sent packing. You hope former Navy assistant coach Phil Emery vetted Marshall thoroughly before making the trade.

So if Marshall is suspended by the NFL for the alleged nightclub incident, how good does the trade look now?


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