North Carolina in a rut after back-to-back losses

After opening the season with four consecutive wins, No. 12 North Carolina has sustained losses to a pair of unranked teams in Lehigh (now No. 15) on Saturday and Penn on Tuesday.

The trend is slightly alarming for a team expected to contend for a national championship after featuring a pair of celebrated transfers in attackmen Jack McBride (Princeton) and Davey Emala (Georgetown), but coach Joe Breschi said team morale has not changed.

“I’d say the biggest thing for us is continuing to find out where the pieces fit,” he said. “I think we’re continuing to move guys around to see what the best chemistry is on the offensive end. A lot of what we do is down there, and the guys are certainly anxious to improve. I think if we continue to move forward and get some practice down over the next couple days, the guys will find the chemistry that works.”

The schedule doesn’t get any easier as No. 20 Princeton awaits the Tar Heels at Saturday’sKonica Minolta Face-Off Classicat M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. The prospect of meeting the challenge posed by the Tigers (2-1) should help hone North Carolina’s focus.

“I think it’s always good to play games and get back out there,” Breschi said. “Obviously, Princeton is a terrific team. We just have to come prepared and energized and look for that chemistry that works.”

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