Stevenson's Cantabene secures win No. 100

Stevenson’s 6-4 win against Western New England Saturday catapulted Paul Cantabene into a rarefied level as he became the second-fastest coach to collect his 100th career victory.

“It’s a great accomplishment not only for me, but also for the players who have played at Stevenson and Villa Julie,” said Cantabene, who is 100-30 in eight seasons with the Mustangs. “When I first got here, I would’ve thought that it was going to take me 20 years to get to 100 wins. But those teams have done a really good job and we’ve had some really good kids come through the program. I think a lot of that has to do with the school as well. President [Kevin J.] Manning, [chief financial officer] Tim  Campbell, and Brett Adams, our AD, have done such a tremendous job of being supporters of the program and when you have that support coming all the way from the top, it’s hard not to be that successful.”

Cantabene, who said he was unaware that he was close to the accomplishment until sports information director Jason Eichelberger informed him, said he’ll sit back and reflect on the achievement at a later date.

“I’m just worried about getting our fourth win of the season,” Cantabene said, referring to Wednesday night’s home contest against Widener. “So to me, it doesn’t matter. We’ve a got a lot of big games coming up.”

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