Does Terrell Stoglin play 'for both teams?'

Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg made an interesting comment about Maryland guard Terrell Stoglin after his team's 73-69 loss to the Terps on Saturday at Comcast Center.

"Stoglin, he plays for both teams," Greenberg said after Stoglin scored 28 points on 9 of 21 shooting. "The guy made tough, tough shots, but he also [took] some shots that gave us a chance to get back in the game. But when he’s making those tough shots, especially the guarded ones, you hope that’s your chance to win the game.”

I'm sure Maryland coach Mark Turgeon might have been taken back by Greenberg's bluntness, but it's something that Turgeon likely appreciated as well, given that he has probably said it a few times himself to Stoglin during the course of the season.

Stoglin took more than his share of ill-advised shots against the Hokies, driving into the lane and getting his shot blocked a couple of times early in the game and then taking a corner 3 off an inbounds pass with only three seconds elapsed on the shot clock and the Terps trying to protect their 10-point lead with a little under four minutes left. But he also made some huge 3s, including one with a little under three minutes left after Virginia Tech had cut its deficit to five.

"I didn't want to shoot right away, but Terrell shooting a wide-open 3 is a pretty good shot," Turgeon said after the game. "If he made it, it might have been a different outcome [in not having to go down to the wire]."

Stoglin had five turnovers and no assists, but in defense of the shoot-first and pass-rarely sophomore guard, Stoglin had been making more of an effort to get his teammates involved. After back-to-back zero-assist games earlier in the month, Stoglin had 11 assists in the four games prior to Virginia Tech. And a couple of passes he made should have been assists if Maryland big guys didn't dribble "nine times" before shooting, as Turgeon suggested.

"I thought he was a little selfish in the first half," Turgeon said Saturday. "We took him out twice because of his shot selection. But he's got a will to win. He's hit those back-to-back 3s [in the second half], which were huge for us. I don't like zero and five, I don't like 7 and 16 [Maryland's overall assist to turnover] ratio, but that's who are. We are executing and getting it to the post, which to me is a coach's assist."  

Getting back to Greenberg's statement, Stoglin did seem to lose as many games as a freshman for Maryland as he won because of his streaky shooting, but where would the Terps be right now without the ACC's leading scorer? I think Turgeon has had more issues with his defense this season than his offense -- and Stoglin appears to working harder on the defensive end. I'm not sure where their relationship is these days, but it seems that they are at least reading from the same book if not quite on the same page every game.

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